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360 Degrees of Caring

Our goal at Kerrisdale Pharmacy is to provide a more complete and holistic level of care to our patients using forward-thinking, innovative treatment solutions. We have expanded beyond traditional pharmacy and prescription services to areas such as custom medication compounding, holistic nutrition counselling, and homeopathic, organic and natural alternatives, among other innovative solutions.

We want to be part of a patient’s health, not just their sickness. We focus on 360 degrees of wellness for our patients offering more than just a prescription filling service, providing as many effective products that are organic, natural, or free from toxic additives, colours, or preservatives as possible.

Caring for People

We trust, respect, and support every member of our team and together we work as one. The synergy of our efforts allows us to provide the one-on-one care to our clients that makes us unique.

We value and respect every member of every family we deal with, from the youngest to the eldest. We exceed their expectations by listening carefully and building caring relationships. Our customers are our top priority, and they know it.

Caring for the Community and Beyond

We are dedicated to the wellness of our customers and community and show our support through active involvement in beautifying the community and supporting local events and children’s sports teams.

We recognize the connection between our health, our communities and the environment and strive to support our local communities, practice sound environmental stewardship and fulfill our responsibilities as global citizens

Caring for our Elders

We support several long-term care facilities and the residents that they care for, consistently striving for optimal patient health outcomes by providing timely and accurate processing and delivery of all prescriptions and by providing superior cognitive pharmacy consulting services.

Our History

Kerrisdale Pharmacy was established in the early 1970’s by pharmacist Romeo Goulet and was subsequently sold to pharmacist Odie McNeil.

In November 1981, Michael Holyk made the trip west from his home in Westlock, Alberta (where he owned Holyk Super Drug Mart) and purchased the pharmacy from McNeil.

At this time the pharmacy was located in its original site at 2142 West 41st Avenue in Kerrisdale and measured only 2000 square feet.

Michael’s son Colin graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at UBC in 1990 and joined the team at the pharmacy. Seven years later, they undertook the move to their new (and current) location at 5591 West Boulevard. Shortly thereafter, Michael and Colin added a second pharmacy to the family when they purchased Hollyburn Pharmacy in West Vancouver, BC.

After 10 years in the new location they decided to renovate Kerrisdale Pharmacy, so they took over the next door site, expanded the pharmacy and completed a floor to ceiling renovation – staying open the whole time through the construction dust and disruption in order to provide the top notch service that their clients had become accustomed to. A daunting task to say the least!

Shortly after moving the pharmacy in the 1990’s, pharmacist Eugene Mar joined the team and now shares the management duties of the pharmacy as Assistant Pharmacy Manager.

Since this time, Colin and Eugene have helped turn the pharmacy into a neighbourhood icon thanks to their diligent focus on comprehensive health care, a wide scope of services including compounding, and good, honest empathy for each person who walks through their door.

“The hours are long, but there’s a real sense of family between us and our customers, so the effort is worth it,” Colin says.

Our pharmacists and staff wish to thank you and the many people who have supported us over the years and continue to use our pharmacy.

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