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Equipment Rentals

Listed below are the home healthcare items that we have available for rent and the cost for rental. Feel free to call us at 604-261-0333 for more information or to reserve an item.

ItemDaily Rental Weekly RentalMonthly Rental Deposit
Crutches, Aluminum Adjustablen/a$10$30$50
Cryo Cuff with Knee Cuffn/a$40$90$150
Cryo Cuff – Tank Onlyn/a$30$75$100
Knee Walkern/a$35$90$250
TENS Analog Unitn/a$15$45$150
TENS Pain Management Digital Unitn/a$20$55$200
Walker, 4-Wheel Outdoor$10$30$50$250
Walker, Folding with Wheels$8$15$40$125
Wheelchair, Standard 18″$10$30$60$250
Wheelchair, Transport 18″$10$35$75$250
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