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Physician Prescribed Compression Stockings

These stockings are prescribed by physicians for a higher compression to help with conditions of the legs such as varicose veins, fluid retention (edema), lymphedema, and swelling. Compression ranges are 20-30mm Hg, 30-40mm Hg, and 40-50 mm Hg.

Medical grade compression therapy requires proper sizing by our trained staff. We recommend scheduling fittings first thing in the morning for more accurate measurement.


Men’s and women’s stockings  at 20-30mm Hg, 30– 40mm Hg, 40-50mm Hg compression


Men’s and women’s stockings at 20-30mm Hg, 30– 40mm Hg or 40-50mm Hg compression

Sensifoot Diabetic Socks


Men’s and women’s stockings at 20-30mm Hg, 30-40mm Hg or 40-50mm Hg

TED Stocking

Anti embolism stockings for men and women.

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