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Walkers & Canes

Listed below are the most commonly requested walkers and canes that we carry, however this does not represent a complete listing of products that we carry in store. If you are looking for a particular brand or item and do not see it on these lists, please feel free to call us at the number below as we may have it in the store.

Evolution Challenger Mini
Evolution Challenger Grande
Evolution Horizon DX Standard
Evolution Horizon DX Wide
Evolution Piper DX Mini
Evolution Piper DX Regular
Evolution Piper DX Tall
Evolution Sprite Grande
Evolution Sprite Mini
Evolution Xpresso Regular
Evolution Xpresso Tall
Hugo Rollator Regular
Nexus III Rollator Low
Nexus III Rollator Super Low
Nexus III Rollator Standard
Ovation Compact Low
Ovation Compact Tall

Dolomite Walkers available by special order:

Dolomite Amigo 520 Low
Dolomite Amigo 600 Standard
Dolomite Legacy Lite Low
Dolomite Legacy Lite Standard
Dolomite Legacy Low
Dolomite Legacy Super Low
Dolomite Legacy Standard

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